Fragment from The Rollright StonesGloam

Eight poems, Carcanet New Poetries VIII

Digger, Royal Engineer, Blackbox Manifold 25

BluebellsPoetry Review 110: 1


Thiépval, PicardyThe Rialto 93

The Reverend GreenTentacular 4

A Brief History of Pleasure PiersStand 223

The Lotus Eaters, Langemarck, Painkiller, Princess Bride, Blackbox Manifold 22 

1066 and All That, MothershipThe Rialto 89

Dissolution of the MonasteryBlackbox Manifold 18

Firle Corn, Dreamland, Separation, The Lonely Crowd 7

NosferatuThe Rialto 88

Reflections, Tears in the Fence 65

La Cascade de la Vis, Gillingham, Wet, SurreyBlackbox Manifold 17

Micrographia, a song cycle for two sopranos and chamber ensemble, music by Laurence Osborn, commissioned and performed by The Riot Ensemble

Soft HansThe Koppel Press